KCSE Cut Off Points 2022 – KNEC

By | 07/02/2022

KCSE Cut Off Points 2022 – KNEC

KCSE Cut Off Points 2022 – KNEC; See details on KCSE Cut Off Points 2022 – KNEC

KUCCPS cutoff points for KCSE students seeking university and college admissions. Cluster group & new cutoff marks for KCSE candidates.
Admissions to public universities this year will hit an all-time high. KUCCPS has lowered the qualifying mark for this year’s freshmen to B of 60 points for male candidates and B- of 58 points for female candidates.

Women who scored two points lower than the cut off mark will be admitted as part of the traditional affirmative action policy. This means women will join the universities with a minimum mean grade of B- of 58 points.

More than 75000 candidates who attained the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) pass mark of C+ last year failed to meet the KUCCPS mark.

Many of these, as well as others who scored lower, are now expected to enroll in private universities at home and abroad and in self-sponsored programmes in the public universities.

Private universities admit on average 20,000 students while another 30,000 students go abroad for their university education.

Another 30,000 enlist in self-sponsored courses. The admitted students are expected to start their first year studies in September.


Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education KCSE 2022

Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education KCSE | See details below…

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination is an examination that is offered after four year cycle in secondary education. The examination is normally offered in November/December each year. It is open to all bona fide residents of Kenya who meet the examination requirements as stipulated by KNEC.

Holders of KCSE certificate may proceed to tertiary institutions to pursue degree, diploma, craft, and certificate and artisan courses.

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